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Established in 1989, FASST Professional is an industry leader utilizing creative and visionary methods to repel nearly all unwanted pests, bugs and rodents with safe, patented and university-tested repellent technology.



Impregnated with patented silver ion technology, "Seal-N-Kill" is a polymeric film available in multiple widths of 25' rolls, push plate-sized rectangle shape and 40"X48" sheets for easy application for any surface. The patented Agion Antimicrobial Technology protects the film from the growth and spreading of microorganisms that cause degradation.

In the News 

Linking IPM to School Health!

by Janet Hurley, Extension Program Specialist III

Tyler ISD is a typical mid-sized school district in a suburban area; they are experiencing population growth. With that growth means new campuses and some unique problems. Like all public schools in Texas, Tyler adopted integrated pest management (IPM) in 1995 when the TX Legislature mandated all public schools to use better practices to managing pests, rather than spraying baseboards for perceived pests.

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