Fasst Seal


Patented repellent technology; Repels Bed Bugs, American and German, Cockroaches, Pharaoh Ants, Carpenter, Ants, Crickets, Meal Beetles, Mice and Rats and more!


In addition to repelling insects and rodents, FASST Seals can also serve as an Exclusion Product to help keep other unwanted pests from entering your premises. When installed and maintained properly, the tight seal fit also forms a physical entrance barrier. Sealing the cracks at the bottom of entry doors and garage doors helps to keep unwanted pests such as lizards, scorpions, rodents and snakes from entering.

More Features & Benefits

1) Made in USA

2) University Tested

3) Pleasant fragrance also neutralizes musty odors

4) Easy to install and change replaceable seals

5) Long Lasting in all climates

6) Safe & Non-Toxic

7) Stops rodents from gnawing

Garage Door
Door Seal
Electrical outlet
Pipe Gasket

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