Electrical Plug & Light Switch Seal

The Outlet & Switch Seals are impregnated with safe insect and rodent repellent oils designed to keep unwanted insects and rodents from entering your premises for up to 4 months. The FASST Seal Exclusion System products incorporate patented and proprietary technology to provide safe and effective repellent seals with long term residual activity never before seen in insecticide free products.

Research & Development

Electrical plugs and light switches represent pathways for insects. In order to install the electrical plugs and light switches electricians and contractors have to put holes into walls and drill through wood studs to run the electrical wiring. Insects such as ants and bed bugs can find their way along the wiring and through the electrical boxes and gaps between the plug and switch covers and walls to enter into rooms. This is especially true for exterior walls, between apartments and hotel rooms. 

Seed Science

The Inserts meet UL 94-V Flammability Test Standards, are University Tested and proven to repel bed bugs, ants, cockroaches, crickets and deter insects from nesting in electrical boxes. The Inserts fit all double-plug and single throw light switches. They are easy to install simply by removing the plug or switch cover and placing around the plug or switch assembly. The Inserts can be easily trimmed and cut to fit multiple switch configurations. 


For both Indoor and Outdoor Use


  • Remove electrical plug or light switch covers

  • Slip insert over plugs or light switches with flat side facing out

  • Replace covers

For 4 plug outlets or multiple switch light switches:
Install 2 inserts side by side and trim if necessary.

Replace Inserts every 4 months.

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