Pipe Gasket Seal

The Pipe Seals are impregnated with safe insect and rodent repellent oils designed to keep unwanted insects and rodents from entering your premises for up to 4 months. The FASST Seal Exclusion System products incorporate patented and proprietary technology to provide safe and effective repellent seals with long term residual activity never before seen in insecticide free products.

Research & Development

Water pipes and drains represent pathways for insects. In order to install the pipes and drains plumbers and contractors have to put holes into walls, floors and drill through wood studs to run the metal and plastic pipes. Insects such as ants and bed bugs and rodents can find their way along the pipes and through the walls to enter into rooms. Insects and rodents can easily move along piping between apartments and hotel rooms. 


FASST Seal Water Pipe Gaskets are sized and pre-cut for easy installation onto commonly used existing water and drain pipe and can be easily trimmed/adjusted to fit odd sized pipes and drains. Replacement is also fast and easy. The repellent oils create a pleasant fragrance under sinks and drains with users providing positive feedback on this added benefit. 

Seed Science

FASST Seal Water Pipe Gaskets utilize the same proven repellent technology and repellent oils formulation as FASST Door Seals. The Gaskets repel bed bugs, American and German cockroaches, ants, crickets, beetles and mice and stops rodents from gnawing. 

Nuts + Bolts

For installed common cold and hot water pipes under sinks: 
Pull escutcheon back from wall
Slip Pipe Gasket over pipe near wall and push gasket to wall
Slide escutcheon back to original position

For common size installed drain pipes:
Enlarge inside Pipe Gasket hole. Remove the inside Pipe Gasket material by punching out/cutting at the interior deep channel mark. Install as in common cold and hot water pipes above.

For pipes that are larger diameter than holes in Pipe Gasket:
Trim interior gasket material to fit

Replace Pipe Gaskets every 4 months 

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