Test Results

Seal-N-Kill Test Results

Certified Lab Testing Confirms One Year Efficacy

TESTED AFTER ONE YEAR: Retains Strong Antimicrobial Activity

Installed on Texas Public School swinging door push plates located in high traffic main hallway


  • Standard 24 Hour Test demonstrates excellent antimicrobial activity on s. aureas

  • One hour Test demonstrates fast knockdown of s. aureas

TESTED AFTER 6 MONTHS: Confirms No Loss in Efficacy

Installed on Texas Public School swinging door push plates located in high traffic main hallway


EPA, FDA and ASTM Approved Microbe Testing

Approved microbiology testing procedures are well known and give the most accurate, specific results for pathogens or bacteria on a surface, but results are slow and tests are expensive as they are performed under controlled conditions in an experienced lab.

There are several procedures used to determine presence of microorganisms and antimicrobial activity on surfaces.

Use of cultured media placed onto a test surface


  1. A culture is prepared of a known organism such as s. aureas 

  2. The number of living organisms in the culture is measured 

  3. The culture is added onto the test area surface 

  4. After a set time period (1 hour, 24 hrs, etc) the sample is analyzed to determine number of living organisms 

  5. Antimicrobial activity is confirmed by the percentage reduction in living organisms over the test time period



  1. The test surface is thoroughly swabbed 

  2. The swabs are placed into a specific microorganism enrichment broth. For transport to a lab. For accurate results the swab samples should be frozen. 

  3. The sample is then transferred onto an appropriate agar plate medium for the target organism being sought. 

  4. Report the target microorganism as present or absent.


Testing takes 2-4 days and require a microbiologist for interpretation.

NOTE: There is no simple quick test to determine antimicrobial activity or presence of specific live organisms. Representation otherwise is false and misleading.

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