Killum Pest Control - Lake Jackson, TX


Thank you for the introduction to the new door sweeps. They have been working very well on excluding insects and rodents from the accounts where we have installed them. We have had good results in dealing with the Tawny (Raspberry Crazy) Ants as well. Customers are seeing the difference and are very happy with the ease of the install and the quarterly replacement renewal service. We look forward to working with you in the future.



Travis Feiner

Killum Pest Control


Holiday Inn - Grapevine TX


I would like to thank The Fasst Seal Team for the amazing job they did at the Holiday Inn Express DFW Grapevine installing the door seals in each of our rooms. The job was perfectly executed. This product is truly amazing. It provides a soothing smell to the whole property and it helps keep insects out of the rooms and the whole property.


Best Western Inn and the Comfort Suites


To whom this may concern:

We have installed FASST Door SealsTM on all doors in two of our hotels; Best Western Inn and the Comfort Suites in Longview, Texas.


We are very impressed with the door seals as they utilize natural repellent ingredients to repel a broad range of insects and rodents. We are very sensitive to the potential of insect and rodent infestation, especially bed bugs, as insects and rodents are a never-ending nuisance that can negatively affect our reputation.


The fire retardant seal housing is easily screwed into the bottom of the hotel doors and is designed so that it can easily fit over existing seal housings without having to remove them. The flexible door seal is designed to easily slide into and out of the housing track to be replaced as required when the repellency has diminished over a period of months. The housings and seals are very attractive and look great on the doors.


An important unexpected added benefit is the pleasant fragrance that the door seals give off. We have had many guests comment positively about the fragrance. In addition to being pleasant, the fragrance also neutralizes musty odors from carpets and wall coverings that we are constantly fighting due to the high humidity environment.


I recommend the FASST Seals to hotels, businesses and homeowners that face the threat of insects and rodents entering their premises through their doors.


Very truly yours,

Raj Patel

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